consists of 3 videos:

1(Django Reinhardt 1945 from Oct.8,2005)
2(Tom and Jerry 1945 from Dec.1,2005)
3(re:1945 from Dec.5,2005)

>While downloading video from a peer to peer network by only typing in the year, I was surprised to discover that for the year 1945 the files I received were lacking in everything I expected see. There was no war, no atomic bomb, no sorrow, no pain, just Django Reinhardt, swing dancing, food stamps, and a large breasted woman dancing. I did not expect accuracy but was amazed at the portrait of the year that emerged when I layered the video clips together; one atop another, keying out to reveal the underneath.
At the next opportunity, I repeated the experiment and received much what I expected the first time; war, bombs, and a Disney cartoon violence in juxtaposition.
One more experiment to bridge the gap resulted in a piece of stealth porn that opens up a web site in your browser, and a Shostakovich piece encoded for video. The two play off each other like a tragic opera vignetting footage of the end of the war on a deep blanket of Elmer Fudd backgrounds.

all audio and video for each work was downloaded from a peer to peer network on a single date, using the keyword 1945.

each work overlays every file from the date, only editing for length.

this is a random historical vision.

Concept/Direction/ Editing: Michael Toke
18:35 min.
(nudity, coarse language)

premiered @ CAMERA,  Toronto

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