the EMERGENCE of SEX in the UNIVERSE   (85x54")
fortunate   (85x54")
catch22 (24x21")
blackCURTAIN     (48x36")
reversal  (32x24")
goodluck   (85x54")
careful   (85x54")
thisEDEN  (split in two)     (32x24")
spontaneousGENERATION   (28x20")
VISIONS of photonicLOVE c.2002

  "an attempt to describe the indescribable boundary between the known and unknown universe through interview and visual obliteration; at certain levels of complexity all visualization degrades into mathematics."

This is the prologue to video Notes for a Nameless Film on which these exhibitions were based.  In the video I interview noted physicist Howard K.C. Yee about when light first emerged from the universe, I compared this to the build and release of an orgasm. I asked what it would look like, and then tried to visually manifest this.  The installation paintings are born from this visualization and further use it as an armature to hang the random results of such a scenero of creation.  This installation at Edward Day Gallery was later expanded with new works for SCOPE NYC.

>acrylic, silver point, found and original photo collage, shellac and hand built clay sparkled pendants on fresco surfaced slubbed or check woven black and white linen.  video projectiom, smoke and mirrors.

<<< scratched into fresh black plaster with foil inclusions on plywood panel.

blackSCRATCH study blackSCRATCH study